Chat Room - Intelli-Bot


Designed by Pro Chat Rooms and developed by our user community, the Pro Chat Rooms - Intelli-Bot is a customisable chat bot that will monitor your chat room messages and provide an appropriate response. Initially developed to act as an admin bot, depending on which mode you enable, the Intelli-Bot has 2 different 'roles' it can play.

Basic Admin Functions

The Intelli-Bot monitors users conversations and provides appropriate responses (eg. show warnings for badwords, ban abusive users, etc).

a) Silence
b) Kick
c) Ban
d) Badwords

Basic Custom Functions

The Intelli-Bot will respond to users messages with appropriate random responses (eg. if a chatter says 'hey', the bot will respond with 'hello').

a) Greeting
b) Goodbye
c) Laugh
d) Help

Additional Info

Additional commands can be created by the admin user which enables the Intelli-Bot to be able to do any number of multiple tasks.

The Intelli-Bot is pre-installed in the chat room software for versions 7.0.0 & above.