Chat Room - Optional Plugins

Below you will find a list of available plugins for the Audio/Video and Text Chat Room software.


Allows your users to use their webcams and microphones in the chat room and private chat windows. Users can view unlimited webcams, perfect for group conferencing!

Note: The Audio/Video plugin requires either RED5, FMS or Wowza software installed on your server.

Buy Now - $89

Mobile Chat

Go mobile with our mobile chat plugin. Allows mobile users to access the chat room.

Buy Now - $35


This plugin allows you to charge an entrance fee to login to the chat room. You can charge users for a one time "Day Pass" (choose between 1-365 days duration) and create "Subscriptions" for recurring payments.

Buy Now - $35

Remove Branding

This plugin allows you to remove any copyright links and powered-by logos.

Buy Now - $35

Flash Games

This plugin allows your chat room users to play games when in the chat room. Includes 10 free flash games and an admin option to upload unlimited games.

Buy Now - $15

Login Gallery

This plugin allows you to display members images on the Pro Chat Rooms login page. This can be a great community builder for your chat room as it helps attract new members by showing images of members who have already joined your community.

Buy Now - $15

Advertising Module

Generate revenue from your chat room with the ability to add unlimited rotating adverts (including 468x60 banners, BidVertiser, Google Adwords, etc) to your chat room. Includes full statistics showing the total amount of displays and click thru's for each advertisement.

Buy Now - $15

Share Files

Your chat room users can now share files (eg. images, photos, PDF, ZIPs, etc) publicly or privately during their conversations!

Buy Now - $15

Invisible Admins

This plugin allows admin users to login to the chat room as 'invisible'. Suitable for where an admin presence is required without your chat room users knowing you are there!

Buy Now - $15

Events Module

This plugin allows you to open/close your chat room at certain times of the week. Customisable 'opening times' can be set for multiple periods during the week (eg. Thurs, Fri, Sat from 7pm - 9pm).

Buy Now - $15

Moderated Chat

Allows admins and moderators to approve messages before they are displayed in the chat rooms. This provides the ideal solution for guest speakers and public conferencing.

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